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Bath School Disaster of 1927

Summary of Haunting: May 17, 1927. Andrew Kehoe, a disgruntled local Bath resident, blows up the Bath School house. In all, 38 children and 7 adults were killed in the explosion. Just prior to the explosion, Kehoe murdered his wife and blew up his farmhouse. He blew himself up during a secondary explosion at the school. The area of the original schoolhouse is now a community park and it is believed to have numerous un-natural anomalies, sightings and energies. The surrounding graveyards are also said to have un-natural activity.

Location of Haunting: Bath, Michigan. Bath Memorial Park, Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Gunnisonville Cemetery and Mt. Hope Cemetery in Lansing, MI.

Summary of Investigation: No hard paranormal evidence has ever been found regarding this event, other than local folk lore and occasional photographic anomalies, such as; orbs and mists. This event has always intrigued me because my Grandfather was a student at the Bath School at the time of this event.
This is an on-going investigation and research project. To date, I have found no viable evidence of any haunting or para-normal activity. The investigation covers several local areas associated with the disaster; The Memorial Park, which was the initial location of the school. Cemeteries in Bath, Gunnisonville and Lansing, which is where both children and adults of the explosion were buried - as well as Mrs. Kehoe, she was buried at the Mt. Hope Cemetery in Lansing.

Date of Investigation:  November 2003 to Present.

Results: With the exception of  a couple "odd" experiences - yet explainable, we have no solid evidence at this time. This is an on-going, non-client investigation.

Historical Photo Gallery

Bath School Prior to explosion

Bath School after explosion

Andrew Kehoe and his Wife

Investigation Photos



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