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Sindee Nyte was my pen name for a magazine my husband and I published years ago.  The magazine was a horror/Sci-fi related publication called ScreamCraft.  It went from an actual hard copy magazine and finally ceased publishing as an on-line magazine.  Although the magazine doesn't exist anymore,  I have continued to use my pen name, as I have grown quite accustomed to it.


My Journal

Here you will find entries of experiences I had or didn't have on  investigations.  The first entry is an experience I had as a teenager and led me to seek further answers within the paranormal.

January 20, 2005:  When I was teenager I had an eerie unexplainable experience.  While washing dishes with my back to the hallway, I all of sudden heard running foot steps coming at me. I turned around and there was nothing there. (This happened twice to me and once to my mother.)  My mother and I have not heard it since the hallway was carpeted.  We also don't know what, who or where the sound was made or came from.  I had such an odd feeling regarding that event that it has stayed with me to this day.  Creepy isn't it?



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