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A big portion of my research is to study photos of so-called ghosts, ecto, orbs and other phenomena. In order to fully understand what is potentially real, or fake, I attempt to simulate what others have presented "as real."
Below are photographs that have been recreated in a controlled environment to try and replicate what is being presented as unexplainable or real. My purpose is not to discredit what "they" present, but just to say it is possible to recreate that particular scenario. (Unless noted, I do not use a "computerized photo shop or paint shop to recreate these images. They are done on either digital or 35mm film only (with the exception of the pointer arrows, of course.


Graveyard Orb

"Georges Orb". I am not a big believer in orbs, however, this one I really wanted to believe because of the circumstances from where it came. During a in-depth investigation of a tragic event, I was led to this little 8 year old boys gravesite. As I was taking the photo I asked the boy to give me a sign he was there. I also had my own 2 young boys with me. I figured an adult killed this child and he would feel more at ease showing himself to other children, rather than just an adult. This orb appeared on the film and within the orb you can see the number "8" - his age.     Unfortunately, I could not convince myself it was nothing more than a moisture droplet on my lens.


Shooting Orb Cluster

This cluster of "orbs" seems to have a shadowy trail behind it. The orbs are nothing more than reflection from the "shadowy camera strap".



Orb Storm

These photos were taken inside an old hospital morgue. The room is now just used for storage. I took a before and after photo. The first one was just a random shot in the dark - no orbs. The second shot was after I stirred up some dust off the ceiling pipes.



Basement Ghost

"I was in my basement shooting some photos for an upcoming remodeling project. When I developed the photos I was stunned to find this shot. These formations were not in the viewfinder when I was shooting..."
The classic vortex and ecto basement ghost. This particular phenomena is probably the most submitted "ghost", next to the orbs. It is easy to re-create and you can get some very fascinating results, as I did with this set-up shot.



Apparition in the garage

"after our garage door kept continueously opening and closing, we decided to watch the door and shoot several photos as it opened. This is what showed up on the film"
With a little camera bracketing and a "little" camera skill, anybody can fake this apparition.




The 3 Ghosts


These photos were taken at a small "paupers" cemetery near a large prison in Michigan. The cemetery is the final home for prisoners who had no family or means for proper burial. When shooting here a fog or mist began to appear over this small section of the graveyard. Within seconds it appeard over the graves and formed in what appeared to be 3 separate ghosts, it then dissipated instantly. The 1st photo shows the ecto-fog appear from a grave marker. The middle photo shows three separate "holes" in the fog. On the 3rd photo, 3 formations have appeared. If you look closely, you can see the faces of three men.
Unfortunately, this dramatic photo is as fake as the cemetery it was shot in.


Cold Weather Anomalies

I caught two of the most captured on film anomalies in one shot.  A vapor mist along with orbs.  The vapor is a product of my breath in the cold air, the orbs are products of air moisture.  Also note the bright light specs, these are generated from the flash reflecting off of the falling snow flakes.  These three natural phenomena are frequently mistaken for paranormal activity.


Mausoleum Matrix

This photo came to be from an investigation I was doing at a local cemetery. In the upper corner a face of a man is clearly seen (well, with some studying). This is what is called "Matrixing". When you can make out features of a face or object within the object you are looking at. Sort of like seeing animals and faces in clouds.


Kitchen Vortex

This "vortex" was taken while photographing this house for sale. The "vortex" seems to just come out of the ceiling. Many anomalies, like this one, are merely just camera straps, fingers, or lens glare. This shot is glare from the glare of the front door. There was also a ceiling light above.




This anomaly is frequently mistaken for something un-worldly. In reality, it is usually nothing more than a camera strap or lens cover string - which is what it is here.



LivingRoom Vortex?

Another mistaken vortex, this time from a camera strap.




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